End of the line for miniature railway at Boughton Pumping Station

A MINIATURE train track that has entertained children during the school holidays for the past five years is to be removed from Boughton Pumping Station.

Walesby pensioner Tom Wood, who runs the train, has been told by station owners that he must move the train when his contract runs out in August because it is no longer suitable for the site.

Tom (72) told Chad yesterday he was mainly disappointed for the children who use the train –– which will continue running on Wednesdays and Thursdays in school holidays until the end of summer.

"The train has been at the pumping station for five years but the new owners are not interested in any leisure facilities," said Tom.

"When they took over I said I wanted to stay to the end of my five-year contract, which they allowed, but now it is up they are only interested in letting offices and the business side of things.

"The train will be removed in August and will be moved to one of seven locations that are interested –– none of which are in the local area.

"It is very disappointing for the children in the area. A number of residents have written letters to the Ollerton Roundabout newspaper raising their concerns about the train track being removed and asking why it cannot stay. I was brought up in Ollerton, so I wanted it to stay here too but there is nothing I can do."

Tom also revealed that a charity box at the track has raised more than 400 for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance over the years.

Laura Prendergast, who is centre manager for Boughton Pumping Station, now known as Blackburn House, told Chad the train was no longer suitable because the building was now being used as a business centre.

"It was a decision we made when we took over the building two years ago," said Laura. "We agreed to see Mr Wood to the end of his contract.

"We're a business centre. We're purely for business. It is nothing against Mr Wood but it is what we agreed when we took over the site."