Emergency service for Notts adult carers launched

A scheme offering a vital service to adult carers in the event of a crisis or emergency has been set up by Nottinghamshire County Council, starting this week, Carers Week.

The Council has launched the Carers’ Crisis Prevention Scheme which offers adult carers the reassurance that should they be involved in an accident or emergency, the person they look after will receive the care they need at home.

East Midlands Crossroads and North Notts Crossroads are providing the service on behalf of the County Council at a cost of £85,000 for this year.

A team of trained and CRB-checked workers are on call in the event of an emergency to offer continued respite within the carer’s home.

The emergency could be the carer becoming ill or going into hospital, a family emergency involving a close relative needing help or attention, serious risk to the carer’s employment, a funeral of a relative of a close friend or an unforeseen crisis affecting their short-term ability to provide care.

The service covers the whole of the county and is the first of its kind for the Council, which previously provided one-off emergency cover using a larger number of care agencies.

It is available for free to all unpaid carers aged over 18 caring for another adult living at home in Nottinghamshire, including a relative, friend or neighbour.

The person who is being cared for could be frail, have a long-term physical illness or disability, a learning disability or experience mental health or substance misuse problems.

Nottinghamshire has a higher proportion of carers than the English average, with highest numbers in the Ashfield area. 83,000 carers identified themselves in the 2011 Census, of which approximately 26,000 provided 20 hours or more of regular care.

Coun Kevin Rostance, Chairman of the County Council’s Adult Social Care and Health Committee at the County Council, said: “Many carers worry about how they will cope in the event of an emergency or crisis which would make it very difficult for them to care for the person they look after.

“This service has been set up to provide a quick response for carers who experience such difficulties.

“There is little disruption for the person who is being cared for as they continue to receive their usual help and support within their home without the need for residential care.”

Kath Flint from Brinsley looks after her husband Gordon who has vascular dementia. She used the emergency service to attend a hospital appointment at short notice to treat her arthritus.

Kath said: “When I first got a hospital appointment with little notice I did panic a bit as I didn’t know how Gordon will be looked after.

“The emergency service stepped in and enabled me to attend my first few appointments without any stress. It was fantastic.”

Carers are encouraged to contact the County Council to organise an assessment to find out the help and support that they may need.

For more information contact the Council on 08449 80 80 80 or email enquiries@nottscc.gov.uk