Elderly can enjoy benefits of Ashfield lunch clubs

FOR some elderly people cooking and eating regular meals may not be high on their list of priorities.

Sometimes older people lose interest in meals, especially if they once cooked for their families but now live by themselves.

Many also experience mobility problems which can stop them going out to the shops or using kitchen equipment.

But as people get older, eating the right food and staying hydrated has huge health benefits - and can help ward off malnutrition which may lead to poor health and even hospital admittance.

That is why the Chad is backing Age UK’s Sutton Exercise Group and Lunch Club as our charity of the year.

Age UK service manager Chris Salter said: “People often eat better if they are in a social situation.

“It gets them out of the house and mixing with other people. People make friends and have healthy nutritious meals.

“In the exercise groups, they exercise in the morning and this gives them a healthy appetite. Just getting out and mixing with other people gives them confidence and a sense of well-being.”

As people come to the lunch clubs more frequently, staff say they often notice a transformation in them.

Mr Salter added: “People take more care of themselves.

“It keeps them active and they feel part of the community because they find out what is going on and they also go out together.”

Age UK’s lunch clubs are held at venues around Ashfield, including Sutton, Kirkby, Selston and Jacksdale.

Every week, the lunch club provides 35 hot meals and more than 1,700 over the year.

In addition, there are still a few places left at the exercise group at Brierley House on Brierley Road at Sutton.

The classes include gentle exercise based on Tai Chi, which are specifically designed for the over-50s, and aim to improve muscle tone, balance and more.

For details on any of the services offered by Age UK in Ashfield contact Jenny on 07872839589.