EERIE VIDEO: 'Ghost' brings Clipstone colliery back to life

A video of Clipstone Colliery has gone 'viral' after the headstock wheels started spinning for the first time in 15 years.

Local photographer Neil Pledger captured the wheel moving as Storm Doris blew over Clipstone, and was posted on February 23.

Mansfield photographer Neil Pledger stumbles on a ghostly scene in his mining history project.

Mansfield photographer Neil Pledger stumbles on a ghostly scene in his mining history project.

The video was described by viewers as a 'ghost' winding the wheels, and it captured the imaginations of local people as tens of thousands watched the video on Facebook.

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Neil said: "Clipstone has always had gravitas to me being the largest at one time in Europe and standing out clearly to be seen for miles around on a clear day. Driving by most days I literally had a chill as I approached recently as what I thought was a trick on the eye actually turned out to be the winding wheel eerily spinning. I had to stop and quickly recorded it as it spun silently. This was the first time I had seen it spin since its closure in 2003 and certainly got my Eccles up.

Neil has always been interested in industry and mining heritage, and he posted the video to his Facebook vlog, ArtDK, where he also merges old and new images to show how time has altered the local area.

He added: "Mining has always been close to my heart with my father being a miner I naturally gravitated to recording the diminishing examples within the area as mines steadily closed and vanished.

"I love to explore old tales and unearth stories and evidence of our rich past, though with no whip and fedora unfortunately... these have included historical artifacts such as uncovering watermills, lost caves of Mansfield, forgotten windmills and evidence of the iron railings clipped for the war effort during WW2."

Usually his blog posts reach around 5-7,000 views, but this special video has high the heights with 31,000 views and 66,000 user reaches.

Neil said people's responses were "amazing".

"Even better were the exchanges between people sharing and reminiscing about this once great industry," he added.

Neil is now following up requests to investigation old railway stations and WW2 air raid shelters.

Watch the full video here.