Edwinstowe skate park: Why we’re going ahead


Regarding Edwinstowe’s skatepark, I must clarify the background to the decision to go ahead with it.

The Chad has articles dating back to 2001 referring to petitions requesting a skatepark in Edwinstowe. There have been numerous requests since on the same lines. At our 2012 Christmas event around 400 signatures were collected in 3 hours in support of a skatepark.

The Parish Council was successful in getting a grant from NCC covering half the cost of a skatepark.

This is ring-fenced specifically for a skatepark.

The rest of the funding is from funds, reserved for youth provision by previous Parish Councils.

A consultation exercise was carried out in July 2013, plans for the skatepark were available at different venues on three different days for public view. Plans were also available during normal

Parish Office opening times. 322 people saw the plans, 137 left comments and 24 requested more information or were unsupportive.

A further public meeting was held in August attended by 20 people.

(A protest) group contacted some residents on Friar’s Park but not residents of the flats, the nearest buildings. They had a petition with signatures from 30 households on the estate. There are around 150 households on Friar’s Park.

Whilst mention is made of one failed skatepark in Milton Keynes no mention is made of the hundreds of very successful ones across the country.

Unfortunately very nasty comments and threats regarding the skatepark have been made by a very few people who really should know better. The Parish Council looks forward to the opening of the skatepark and hopes that our youngsters enjoy it fully.

Councillor Celia Brooks

Chair of Edwinstowe Parish Council