Teacher backed over wine gum detention

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Chad readers have backed a school which controversially put a teenager in detention - for taking a wine gum sweet.

Last week we reported how the 16-year-old student had been punished for ‘stealing’ the jelly treat from a packet left open on a teacher’s desk at Meden School, Warsop.

The girl’s mum said she was ‘flabbergasted’ when the teacher phoned her to report the incident.

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But on the Chad’s Facebook page, readers have backed the school’s action, pointing out it reinforces good behaviour amongst students.

Louise Mum Fleetcroft said: “ Stealing is stealing , if that was twenty years ago this debate would not be going on .

“It’s ridiculous that parents think my child does nothing wrong or it’s only a sweet. Would you go into your bosses office and tuck in? No you wouldn’t . People are not living on this planet . Stealing is stealing, fact .”

Laura Cooke added: “If the girl isn’t “punished” then as far as I am concerned that teaches her that it is OK to steal!!”

Lisa Culleton said: “I totally agree! Keep your sticky fingers off! Simple.

“I would be pleased if my child was put in detention for this. It would show her that she cannot show off in class and steal. So what if it was only a wine gum? Kids these days have no respect so teachers need to be tougher.”

CrazyChris Wright said: “I know it is stupid but its classed as theft ... nothing nowadays is like it used to be, you cant even have a joke or anything ... feel sorry for kids in school now days when i was younger we used to enjoy going to school”

Patrick Burke added: “It was a real theft but the teacher did over react a bit.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do kids today get away with too much, or is the punishment and over-reaction?

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