Sutton school rated ‘good’

Staff and pupils celebrate the report.
Staff and pupils celebrate the report.

A Sutton primary school has been praised for the quality of its teaching and the progress its pupils make following Ofsted’s recent visit to the school.

Brierley Forest Primary and

Nursery School, on Westbourne View, has been awarded an overall ‘good’ rating by the education watchdogs.

It scored good in all four areas inspected - the achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management.

Inspectors said that though children start school with lower skills and knowledge than typically seen, they are well supported and make good progress in all areas .

The report states: “Teachers ensure that pupils of all ages and ability achieve equally well. An improving trend has been established as the progress made by all groups of pupils is accelerating rapidly.”

Attainment in reading, writing and mathematics was low at the end of Year 2 in 2013, but pupils this year were found to already be working at a higher level.

Year 6 pupils reached average standards in reading and mathematics last year, but attainment in writing was ‘significantly lower’, although progress is being made.

This was one of the areas singled out for improvement by inspectors, who said that handwriting needs to be taught systematically and the teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar needs to improve.

Staff morale at the school was said to be high and teaching is mostly good but is outstanding in some areas.

“Teachers are very skilled at supporting pupils to have confidence in their own ability, and in motivating them to learn,” inspectors said.

All leaders were said to have contributed to the improvements made in teaching and pupils’ achievement, while the governing body is well informed and works successfully with staff to improve the school’s performance.

Pupils’ attendance was also found to have improved and is now at least average for the vast majority of pupils, while the children enjoy school, get along well together and are polite and welcoming.

Headteacher Robert Mellor said: “The school was absolutely delighted with the report. It is thanks to the hard work of staff and children and goes to show what a good job we do with the children.

“Governors as well as staff are now aiming to get to outstanding, so that’s the plan for the future.”