Sutton Community Academy to provide transgender toilets from September

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Sutton Community Academy has announced that it will provide toilets for transgender pupils when the new term starts in September.

As well as male and female toilets, there will be a third toilet for transgender children who do not feel comfortable using either.

David Mackey, acting principal said: “We do have a few transgender students in the school, and our first parent teacher meeting really highlighted and reinforced the need for transgender toilets.”

“We have a duty of care to our students, and as a school we have to follow the equality act 2010, and ensure that in the modern world, our students have equal rights.”

“As a school, we are on our journey to reach ‘oustanding’, and we want our students to be happy, safe and achieving.”

Work on the toilets will begin in the summer holidays, ready for the new school year.

The Equality Act 2010 protects against discrimination, harassment and victimisation under nine protected characteristics, including gender reassignment.

The Equality Act provides protection from discrimination because of gender reassignment in schools.

It is unlawful for schools to treat pupils less favourably because of their gender reassignment, and that schools will have to factor in gender reassignment when considering their obligations.