Supermarket website will educate Mansfield children about food

Morrisons is launching the Academy of Food in Mansfield, a fresh new free education programme designed to help children understand where good food comes from.

With the introduction of the new curriculum in September 2014, the new Academy of Food website will help Mansfield’s schoolchildren - from seven to fourteen years old - discover how Morrisons food is produced.

It is packed with lessons, activities and videos on farming, fishing, baking and growing that link to the new curriculum.

Schools will be encouraged to visit Morrisons Mansfield to see the journey of food from field and sea through to point of sale.

Whilst in store, children can also learn from Academy-trained butchers, bakers and fishmongers, to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare delicious, healthy dishes.

Ben Goodhand, Store General Manager at Morrisons Mansfield said: “As a fresh food retailer we think it’s really important that children understand exactly where their fresh food comes from, which is why we think we’re in a unique position to respond to the recent curriculum changes. We know that our in store butchers, bakers and fishmongers are a great way of telling the wider food story and the Academy of Food will allow us to do this”.

The Academy of Food website can be found at In includes; a ‘Let’s Farm’ section which follows the journey from farm to fork, reveals how farmers care for their cattle and explores the best ways to cook meat; a ‘Let’s Fish’ area which investigates how fish are responsibly caught and processed for maximum freshness; a ‘Let’s Bake’ zone which traces flour from sowing the wheat to baking in the oven; and a ‘Let’s Grow’ plot which inspires children to grow their own fruit and vegetables in their school grounds.

To access the Academy of Food and its resources, teachers should log on to the new website to complete a short registration[i]. To book a store visit, teachers can contact the store’s Community Champion to make arrangements.

Through the successful Let’s Grow programme Morrisons has given away more than £18.5 million worth of equipment to over 26,500 schools, meaning 5 million children up and down the UK now have access to Let’s Grow gardening and cooking equipment, meaning that half of the UK’s children can learn about where real food comes from. The Academy of Food will work hand in hand with the Let’s Grow programme, telling the food story from field to fork.