Students’ presentation at geographical society

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Two pupils from Shirebrook Academy delivered an hour long presentation in front of hundreds of people about their trip to Namibia last year.

Demi Bispham (16) and Dani Welch (15) travelled to the African country with students from schools across Bolsover on an trip organised by Bolsover District Council and the NHS Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group.

The pair volunteered to present at the National Geographical Society, pooling together the whole group’s experience for the presentation.

Dani said: “It was very nerve-wracking to be in front of a massive room full of people, knowing that they were all concentrated on what you were saying.”

In the audience were students, teachers, and expedition leaders who had been on similar trips abroad last year.

The pair talked about their fundraising efforts, what volunteering in the schools was like and how they felt they helped the young ones, their trekking in the jungle and their personal development.

Demi said: “Travelling to Namibia and seeing the completely different way of life has changed how I see the world completely and we wanted that to show in our presentation, we want everyone to know about it so our passion took over.

“Anyone who gets the opporunity should jump at the chance, I’d go back tomorrow.”

Julie Bloor, principal of the academy, said that she was very proud of the two after watching them present at the society.

She said: “They were presenting with graduates who had been exploring at the end of their degree and despite being many years younger you would not have known; both Dani and Demi were so confident.”