Struggling Edwinstowe school making progress

An Edwinstowe primary school is making satisfactory progress after being placed in special measures by Ofsted, inspectors have revealed.

King Edwin Primary and Nursery School was deemed to be performing at an unsatisfactory level by the school inspectors when they came to the school in October last year.

This led to a process called special measures being implimented by the Department for Education - where inspectors make more regular visits, until a point where they feel that the school is performing at the required level.

The inspection last year said that the school needed to improve its quality of teaching by making sure questioning properly stretched students academically, and by using student records to set work that would challenge each individual.

Teachers were also told to ensure that teaching assistants record the attainment of individual students they are working with.

Inspectors also said that the school needed to strengthen the impact of managers at the school at every level.

But a second monitoring visit which took place on 9th July found that the primary school was making satisfactory progress, lead inspector Jane Melbourne wrote to acting headteacher Emma Haywood.