School run drivers in Mansfield are putting childrens’ lives at risk

A parent parks in a restricted zone outside Wainwright Primary School at going home time.
A parent parks in a restricted zone outside Wainwright Primary School at going home time.

Concerned parents and teachers in Mansfield say motorists on the ‘school run’ are putting children’s lives at risk.

They say some drivers are causing traffic chaos outside schools by parking on zebra crossing zig zags, double parking and blocking residents’ drives.

Nottinghamshire County Council wants to put up warning signs close to schools and issue fixed penalty notices to motorists who flout any new laws.

There also plans to introduced more 20mph zones in a bid to put the brakes on inconsiderate motorists.

But those measures cannot come soon enough for some worried parents.

Mum Julie Evans says careless parking outside Mansfield’s Wainright Primary Academy is causing absolute chaos and fears it is only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

Julie (48), of Titchfield Street, has an eight-year old son called Heath attends who attends the school.

She said: I am surprised there haven’t been any accidents on it. It is only a matter of time before a child is hurt or even worse on Harrop White Road.

“I am even worried for the safety of the lollipop lady because of how crazy some of those drivers are. They don’t think about anyone else apart from their own children.

“There is a school crossing patrol right next to where parents are dropping off, it is absolute chaos on the road.

She said cars are having to stop for the crossing, but cars parking on the zig-zags are pulling out in front of those trying to get over.

“Parents are oblivious even though we have had newsletters out saying we were going to have enforcement for parking on there.”

The area close to the school is now a 20mph zone and there are speed bumps on nearby Westfield Lane - but Julie says some motorists continue to speed.

Added Julie: “We have been promised these signs but we don’t know when we are going to get them. We had to wait well over eight months just to get a replacement school crossing patrol.”

Mother of two Samirah Chowdhury says her taxi driver husband Tayabur, is often hemmed in their drive on nearby Beck Crescent by parked cars

And living across the road from the school, she has to navigate the busy road to take two children and a toddler to school each day.

She said;”We are suffering every single school day. My husband can’t get in or out and he won’t go to jobs now if they fall between 3 and 3.30pm.

“ We ask people to move and some of them can be really impolite. Now we just don’t bother - what’s the point?

Peter Hardern, principal of the Wainwright Primary Academy, said it was ‘without doubt’ children’s lives were being put at risk.

“The zig zags have been put there for a reason - to keep children safe,” he said.

“Parking on zig zags compromises safety. I am looking forward to them being enforced by fixed penalty notices.”

Highway bosses want to stop motorists from parking on school entrance markings, Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4.30pm at Armstrong Road, Bellamy Road, Booth Crescent, Charnwood Grove, Church Hill Avenue, Cox’s Lane, Fairholme Drive, Harrop White Road, Ladybrook Lane, Litton Road, Oxclose Lane, Park Hall Road, Rosemary Street, Thoresby Road, Townroe Drive, Westfield Lane and Woburn Road - all of which are close to schools in the area.

A county council spokesman said it was intended to complete the work by the end of the financial year.