Samworth celebrates the ethos of Christianity

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Students at Samworth Church Academy have taken part in a ‘Christian Ethos’ week, exploring the themes that surround Christianity.

Students participated in drama workshops and discussion groups on the credibility of the Christian gospel amongst other themes with ‘Roughshod’, a touring group from Riding Lights Theatre Company.

The week culminated on Friday with a performance of ‘Incredible’, a play designed to explore Christian ideas and ethos that had been discussed during the week with the performers.

Brooke Clements, a Year 9 student at the Academy said: “The performers were really moving, really good.”

Paul Birch, Associate Director for Riding Lights Theatre Company, said that the method of lesson delivery is designed to provoke strong dialogue between the actors and students,.

He said: “We have taken our guerrilla-style performances into prisons, care homes, military bases, coffee shops, back gardens, churches, and, of course, schools.

“We hope to use drama to stimulate student’s thinking about the Christian faith and social justice issues in a very immediate way.”

James Fenby, a teacher at the Academy, said the week had been a great success and had set students to thinking about faith in today’s world,

He added: “The Friday performance was presented very professionally and probed our young people to think about the messages, about how we treat each other and what belief is about in the 21st century.

“Their presentation was very entertaining and the attendance was very positive.”

The group not only inspired students to think about Christianity during their week in attendance. Sally Chadwick, a Year 10 pupil at the school, said, “The group were really amazing! In drama class I got a chance to speak to them about how they came to be doing what they do, they have inspired me to go further in drama.”

Hannah Blofield, an actor in the group said she felt that the week had been a great success.

“We felt that the show was really well received and got brilliant feedback from the students,” she said.

“It was lovely for us to be based in the Academy for a whole week so our faces could become a little more familiar with the students, allowing them to feel comfortable to talk to us.

“We had a great week and hope the students enjoyed it as much as we did.”