Rainworth and Farnsfield pupils make global education demand

PUPILS at Rainworth’s Joseph Whitaker School and St Michael’s School at Farnsfield have created drawings and letters calling on every child tin the world to be given an education.

Their work has been handed in to Number 10 Downing Street by Sherwood MP Mark Spencer, who urged the Government to do what it could.

Mr Spencer said: “I love to see young people getting involved in politics and making their voices heard and I’m sure the fantastic drawings and pictures will add a splash of welcome colour to the Prime Minister’s in-tray!

“It’s not right that 67m children around the world have no access to education but the good news is that we’re making progress. For instance, the Government of India’s work and spending has put an additional 60m children into school since 2003.

“The British Government wants more though and we are working towards our pledge to support at least 9m children in primary school, over half of which will be girls, and 2m children in secondary school, by 2014.

“The UK supports actions to achieve all the Millennium Development Goals and I am proud that the UK is taking a lead, as well as working with the other donors and recipient governments to ensure a wider effort.”