Pupils present letters to MP

Twenty pupils wrote letters to their local MP asking for help to get a bigger playground at their school.

The children, from class 3B at Croft Primary School then presented the letters to Gloria De Piero MP when she visited the school this week.

During the visit, Gloria was joined by local councillors, Steve Carroll and David Griffiths and the eight-year-olds decided to pen letters asking Ms De Piero to lobby on their behalf in an attempt to get a bigger playground.

As a result of their campaigning, Cllr Carroll has now promised to take this up with Nottinghamshire County Council.

Gloria said: “I want to pay tribute to all of the pupils who showed such great initiative in writing to me on an issue they feel so strongly about.

“Although I’ve asked the council to come back to me on this, I do know that, despite cutting more than £100m from its budgets since 2010 - its main source of Government funding, the Revenue Support Grant, is being cut by a further 21 per cent over the next two years.

“This is equivalent to a £63 cut per resident in Nottinghamshire which is double that of more affluent areas in the south of England such as Buckinghamshire.

“So if I have to take the letters right to the Education Secretary and ask her to reply to the pupils, I won’t hesitate to do so.

“The kids are getting desperate as the school takes on ever more pupils and space in the current playground really is reaching a premium.

“Many of them are football mad, while others also said they wanted to see more flowers, a bird house and feeders to attract more wildlife to the pond.

“Hopefully something can be done to ensure they get the space they want.”