Pupils give TV presenting a go

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Pupils stepped in front of the TV cameras this week after being shown how it’s done by a BBC presenter.

A studio and green screen had been set up at the Flying High Academy, Ladybrook, and after learning a little about the TV job from weather presenter Mel Coles, they had their own chance at creating a weather report.

Pupils came up with their own forecasts for brodcast, there wear a few surprising predictions- including a torrential downpour of chocolate.

Caleb Hall, seven, said: “I am really pleased that I’ve done it.

“I have performed before in a show and this has brought my confidence up.

“I asked Mel if she thinks she is performing in front of people or just a camera when she’s on TV.”

Molly Cajkler, eight, also took part. She said: “I thought it was brilliant because not many schools in England get the opportunity to have BBC people in school.

“So I thought it was really cool.”

When asked if she thought she had what it takes to be a presenter Molly replied: “I got more confident after doing a play at school so I might be able to, and I have a mind that is imaginative!”

Mel Coles said that the class had performed well in what is sometimes a nerve-racking task.

She said: “I think they have been absolutely brilliant.

“Their confidence has been incredible and they were so creative with the bulletins.

“Also, every child in the group has had a go, they were so impressive.”

Molly said she had enjoyed the experience and had this bit of advice for future presenters. Just try not to start giggling if anyone asks you a silly question!”