Nominate a local school hero!

Chad Best in Schools Awards: winners from last year's awards
Chad Best in Schools Awards: winners from last year's awards

The hunt is well and truly on for the real heroes in Mansfield and Ashfield’s schools - and we need YOUR help to find worthy winners of the Chad Best in Schools Awards 2014.

The awards celebrate the extraordinary work of people who go the extra mile to make school life special for others.

This year we are on the lookout for the very best teacher, lunch-time assistant, headteacher, caretaker and crossing patrol person. There are even awards to recognise pupil excellence in the classroom and on the sports field.

Said Chad editor, Phil Bramley: “Children, quite rightly, hold very special place in our hearts. Every parent wants the best possible start for their child and that’s why schools and their staff are such a key part of every local community.”

And now we need YOU to nominate local students and staff for the awards.

To nominate simply email Haroldine Lockwood, events manager, with your nomination, stating the award you wish to nominate, along with your details, details of the nominee and your reasons for nominating. Email

The closing date is 21st May.

To sponsor an award contact Haroldine on 07803 505658.

It is the third year the awards have taken place and this year’s recipients will be honoured at a special ceremony at the Red Brick House in Mansfield Woodhouse on Wednesday 11th June.

This year’s awards are once again sponsored by the Schools Advisory Service.

The 13 award categories are:

SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER - sponsored by the Schools Advisory Service.

Do you know a Business Manager who excels in their role in supporting the school, in order to enhance effectiveness to achieve improved standards of learning. Do they excel in matters of leadership, organisation, communication and all the small things that help make your school run that little bit easier? If so, send us their details.

MOST IMPROVED STUDENT - sponsored by Garibaldi College

Do you know someone who has perhaps not always found academics easy but strives to succeed and has improved their grades throughout the school year? Are they on course for excellent results in the future?


The judges are looking for that special member of staff who regularly serves up a slice of sunshine in their role, whether providing tasty, nutritious meals in the canteen or helping outside in the playground, ensuring students are happy and safe during their lunch-breaks.


In this category it is, of course, essential that nominees maintained their school buildings to the highest of standards but the judges are also looking for staff who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile and who always have a spare minute to help students or colleagues in need, however unusual their requests.

BEST SECRETARY/ADMIN ASSISTANT - sponsored by Specsavers

Judges will be looking at the importance of the people who are the first point of contact in schools: the organisation, the communication and all the small things that help make the school run that sometimes go unnoticed.

BEST SPORTS TEAM - sponsored by Mansfield Manor

This award is aimed at recognising the district’s budding athletes, who not only set out to achieve great things on the pitch or field but also display true sporting grit, team effort and sportsmanship.


The Judges are looking for that special person who keeps you safe on the roads on the way to school. Why not tell us about the best crossing patrol person you know.


This award is aimed at individuals, who display true sporting grit and sportsmanship in addition to achieving great things on the pitch or field and have the ambition and drive to be the best.


For the star that shines the brightest among the army of kind-hearted people regularly giving up their time to help out in the town’s schools. The judges are looking for someone for whom nothing is too much trouble and whose generous efforts have changed the lives of those around them.

BEST TEACHER - sponsored by Brunts Academy

The panel is looking for individuals who inspire devotion and respect from their students in equal measure, as well as forging strong relationships with parents and going beyond the call of duty to improve school life inside and outside of the classroom.


We are looking for the popularity of the club, the number of students it attracts and the impact it made on its members and their parents in order to whittle down the

impressive nominees.


The judges would like to reward the adaptable, hardworking people who make teachers lives easier with their constant support, while improving the learning experience for our district’s youngsters and in many cases providing invaluable help for pupils with special needs and producing dramatic results.

BEST HEADTEACHER sponsored by The Mint Indian Restaurant

The judges are hoping to hear tales of inspirational leaders who have turned schools around, of heads who thrive on daily challenges and those who enthuse staff as well as pupils to give 100 per cent.