National Academy school news: Nottingham Society of Engineers awards celebrate students success

Community event.
Community event.

The annual Nottingham Society of Engineers awards evening celebrated the very best of design and engineering at Hucknall’s National Academy.

The categories eligible for awards were from GCE A level Product Design, GCSE Resistant Materials and Graphics and BTEC L3 & L2 Engineering.

Professor Victor Middleton, President of the Nottingham Society of Engineers, spoke of how she was impressed with the work and said: “The standard of work is very high and the confidence and knowledge demonstrated by the students is a credit to the Academy.”

This year there was a wide range selection of products on show, from architectural models, furniture and engineered tools.

The judges, led by Prof Middleton, found it very difficult to select the winners and selected the folllowing winners for each category.

Overall winner in Sixth Form was presented to Hannah Gretton for her design concept for a new swimming area at Center Parcs.

Overall winner for Year 12 Engineering Excellence went to Jamie Marriott for his precision machining work.

Overall winner in Year 11 was presented to Elizabeth Hunt for her game design.

Overall winner for Year 10 Engineering Excellence went to Alistair Cross for his engineered tools.