More than half Mansfield and Ashfield primary schools fail to reach national average for SATS results

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Only 40 per cent of mainstream primary schools in Mansfield and Ashfield have hit the county and national average for achievement in reading, writing and maths.

The news comes as the national league tables for Key Stage 2 SATS exams have been released.

Nationwide and in Nottinghamshire 79 per cent of pupils attained a Level 4 or above in the key subjects, but for those schools which did not reach the 79 per cent mark there have also been successes.

Brierley Forest Primary and Nursey School, Sutton, managed 70 per cent this year - an increase of 7 per cent on last year.

And figures show that pupils are making very good progress, with 95, 90 and 95 per cent advancing by two levels in reading, writing and maths respectively in one year.

Headteacher Rob Mellor said: “Our level of attainment has increased dramatically and I put that down to the quality of our teaching.

“Staff are working really hard and specifically targeting gaps in childrens’ learning.

“We have also had good teachers watching outstanding teachers and learning from them. We like our teachers to show others their outstanding practice.”

Mr Mellor said hitting the target for all three subject was not always straight forward, as children might be gifted in maths but not necessarily in English, or vice versa.

Meanwhile, figures show that, out of 152 local authorities, Nottinghamshire sits in the top half for reading and maths.

John Slater, service director for education standards, said that the Key Stage 2 results were very encouraging and he was delighted that Nottinghamshire’s schools were sustaining the improvement that had been occurring over a number of years.

He said: “Tests for 11 year olds are more demanding than ever before and I am delighted that Nottinghamshire primary school children continue to improve. Results like these need commitment from everyone involved, so I’d like to thank the teachers, governors and parents across the county who support the pupils on a daily basis.”

Coun John Peck, committee chairman for Children and Young People’s Services, added: “We have seen a steady improvement over several years in Nottinghamshire placing us comfortably within the top half of all local authorities in England for primary education.

“With this in mind, we shall continue to support our schools to make further improvements, with emphasis upon the small minority which most need our help, in order that all our children reach their full potential.”