Mansfield school yet to pay up in ‘cash for grades’ promise

Queen Elizabeths Academy, Mansfield.
Queen Elizabeths Academy, Mansfield.

Students at a Mansfield school who were promised cash in exchange for hitting target grades are still yet to receive a penny.

A number of former GCSE students from Queen Elizabeth Academy contacted Chad earlier this year because they had still not received the promised money, five months after the grades were announced.

In response, a spokesman for the school in January said the cash would be handed over ‘within days’, but students are still waiting.

Charlotte Gregory, now at the school’s sixth-form college said: “I have started to give up hope and I’m starting to think that we aren’t going to receive anything at all. Other students are also starting to feel the same.”

The School Partnership Trust Academies, which sponsors the Chesterfield Road South school, has since reiterated an original response that they were not involved with the promise, adding that it ‘does not encourage this type of incentive to its students’.

However, after contacting two trustees of the Queen Elizabeth Endowed School Trust - which helps fund the school- they admitted there had been miscommunication between the principal Mike Smith and the trust, and no agreement had been rubber stamped in the first place.

But trustee Peter Colin McKay said he understood that the money was ‘still in the pipeline’ but could not clarify when. He also thought that more than £20,000 was owed to the students.