Mansfield: Nepal visit opens eyes of Brunts students

Students from Brunts School, Mansfield visited Nepal.
Students from Brunts School, Mansfield visited Nepal.
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Students from Mansfield’s Brunts Academy widened their horizons when they joined those from Birkdale School in Sheffield on a trip to Nepal.

They taught youngsters at the Bunghamatti School, which they have been fundraising for this year to build a play area and buy teaching resources.

The students also took part in a five-day trek in the Annapurna range, supporting each other on every step of the walk to see the sunrise across the Himalayan range on the third day.

The group also travelled to the Chitwan National Park for a safari and had the experience of bathing elephants.

Other activates included white water rafting, canoeing and riding elephants.

“My experience in Nepal completely changed my expectations of a third world country, seeing how so many people in the world live has changed how I view everyday items that I use and take for granted,” said Brunts student Katie Siddall. “I would love to go and experience it again and again.”

Fellow student Thomas Brown added: “I think Nepal is an amazing country and our trip there has opened my eyes to how other people live their lives in places. I have also learned things from the trip, like how much I use, and I hope that I can change that.”