Generation Game for Abbey kids

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Abbey Primary School children invited their grandparents to come into school to play old fashioned games.

The event was very successful with more than 40 grandparents attending.

The event was planned by a group in school called the RRSA Champions (Rights Respecting Schools Award).

This group is made up of children and adults who support school to help children understand about their rights, but that they also have responsibilities towards other people too.

The school was supported with funding from Mansfield Partnership Against Crime, to help improve relationships between older and young people by giving them shared experiences.

The school has previously worked with the lunch club at Selwyn Street Centre – going to visit the club or inviting older people into school, to share a lunch with the children.

This is the first time the school has focused on the grandparents of its own children.

Mansfield Tesco supported the schools RRSA Champions by donating £10 towards the refreshments and the RRSA Champions also asked their families to donate cakes too.

The event was also supported by the Old Mansfield Society, who provided a slide show of photographs of Mansfield to start discussions between people.

Danielle McIntyre, who teaches at the school, said: “Everyone was very supportive and seemed to have a good time. We had purchased some old fashioned games like tiddly winks, dominoes and marbles but we also put out a few laptops so the families could choose what they played.

“Most people did want to play the board games, so I’m sure we will run such an event again. It helps to us to improve our local community when we all talk and have fun together and we had such lovely comments from our grandparents.”