Flying High pupils are reaching for the top with career dreams

Children at the Flying High Academy in Mansfield swapped lessons for the world of work in a special careers day when they came to school dressed up in clothes representing their dream jobs.

They also met professional people who came to discuss the many career options available to them.

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley with staff and pupils from Flying High Academy, who dressed up for careers day

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley with staff and pupils from Flying High Academy, who dressed up for careers day

The children met with representatives from Derbyshire Constabulary, Microsoft, the graphic design industry, a financial adviser, a school cook, DW Sports & Fitness, Highways England, energy consultants, recruitment consultants and speech and language experts from Portland Training College and Mansfield MP Ben Bradley.

Pupil Chahat Marwaha, 10, came dressed as a doctor and said, “I want to make sure everyone stays well and away from illness because I want to make everybody happy.

“When I was younger, I always saw that doctors helped us, and I also wanted to be a helpful person.

“I pay attention to my lessons and try to get better as I go along because I understand what it will take to become a doctor.”

Faith Williams, 11, said she wanted to teach modern foreign languages as a career.

She said: “I want to teach German when I am older, either here, or to teach English in Germany.

“I want to do well at English and Maths and then when I go to secondary school, I will learn German.”

Richard Smith, an energy efficiency consultant and also the chairman of governors at the school, commented: “I have been telling children about the sort of things I do in my job and trying to inspire pupils to get interested in a career like mine.

“I think it is very important for children at this age to start getting an idea of the range of jobs out there.

“It’s never too early to widen children’s horizons, not just to the jobs available locally, but in the wider region and worldwide too.

The children’s enthusiasm is just amazing and it’s impossible not to get enthused alongside them when they talk about their hopes and dreams.”

Vicky Sudnik, a teacher at the school, added: “Careers day was a huge success.

“It was a great opportunity to raise the children’s aspirations and give them an insight into the world of work and the possibilities that are open to them.

“They gained lots from talking first-hand to people who are doing the job and being able to ask the all-important questions, including how much they get paid.

“The children enjoyed considering their future career choices and getting dressed up, and, of course, the staff enjoyed dressing up too.”

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