Fee-paying Mansfield Woodhouse school deemed ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted

Saville House School, Church Street, Mansfield Woodhouse.
Saville House School, Church Street, Mansfield Woodhouse.

A fee-paying school has come under scrutiny by Ofsted following complaints about the safeguarding of pupils.

During their last full Ofsted inspection in July, Saville House School in Mansfield Woodhouse was given an ‘inadequate’ rating, largely because of their approach to safety.

The inspectors claimed their had been insufficient checks on emergency lighting, that not all staff had the relevant safeguarding training and complaints procedures were not followed correctly, among other issues.

The school, which costs £5,000-a-year for pupils to attend, were given two ‘good’ grades for the quality of teaching and the achievement of pupils.

But it was not enough to prevent the school from an ‘emergency inspection report’, which the report was recently published and stated that improvements are needed.

The report reads: “These were as a result of complaints received by the local authority in relation to the safeguarding of children, the security of the school’s site, the quality of the school’s risk assessments, and whether school leaders have followed the school’s own safeguarding and complaints policy.”

In a statement from headteachers Chantal Hill and Claire See, they said the school had worked to turn the situation around.

They said: “All points raised requiring improvement were fully addressed in July after the inspection before we had even broken up for the summer holidays.

“We are now awaiting the opportunity to be re-inspected. “We are justifiably proud that the majority of the report was good and highlighted the many strengths Saville House School has maintained for over 60 years.”