Bursary scheme to boost apprentices

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A new bursary scheme for pupils who are entering apprenticeships after training at Ashfield School has been set up.

Under the scheme pupil apprentices will be eligible to apply for a £500 bursary after a funding arrangement was initiated between CounJohn Knight, portfolio holder for culture at Nottinghamshire County Councillor, atAshfield School.

The eight £500 awards will be given to pupils from the school, across a range of apprenticeships, in order to help with their travel and equipment costs and will run from September.

Coun Knight said: “I was very impressed by the way Ashfield School supports young people who want to train for a vocational career.

“Whilst I am pleased more people than ever are now attending University, I was concerned that those who wished to enter a trade were less well cared for by successive Governments.

“I firmly believe that apprenticeships shouldn’t be seen as second best to University, but instead as a different way of fulfilling someone’s potential.

“I firmly believe this scheme will help train young people in a variety of meaningful and constructive careers that will benefit not just the apprentice themselves but also Ashfield’s employers and Residents.”

To support this commitment, in partnership with the County Council eight bursaries will be available for pupils at Ashfield School.

“The school have titled the awards “The John Knight Bursary Scheme” and it is hoped that it will become an annual occurrence.

Simon Shaw, Head of Vocational Studies at Ashfield School, said: “To invest in young people at the start of their career can make an incredible difference; a proactive measure like this not only provides material support, it says ‘we believe in you.”