Brunts School will return as Academy

THE Brunts School has announced it will re-open as an Academy following a thumbs up from the Government allowing it to become more independent.

From the start of the new year the school will take the Brunts Academy name and gain more freedom to make changes to what the children learn, term times, the school’s catchment area and staff pay and conditions.

The school will also have more control of its spending budget, but will no longer have the support of the local education authority, Nottinghamshire County Council.

A spokesman for the school said: “Brunts is a close-knit community; our unique education is quite simply the best.

“The Academy conversion will help us to continue our drive for high achievement for all.

“It is our warmth, kindness and care that define us and we will continue to be implausibly ambitious for every student.”

This year the school celebrated top results will 66 per cent of year 11 students achieving the golden standard of 5 or more A*-C GCSE results including maths and English.

In the sixth form, 99.3 per cent of students passed with more than 50 per cent achieving A*, A or B grades.

In its last OFSTED report issued following an inspection in 2009, the school was found to be ‘satisfactory’ overall, and improving thanks to the ‘excellent leadership’ of headteacher Janice Addison.

Academies have been criticised by teaching unions who claim academies undermine teachers’ rights and that they are undemocratic.