Brunts School to vote on possible academy status application

GOVERNORS at Mansfield’s Brunts School are to vote on whether it should apply for academy status at a meeting on Tuesday.

Last month, the governing body registered an interest in Brunts becoming an academy - and if it approves the move at the meeting, the Park Avenue school would work towards a conversion in December.

But even if the vote is approved, the school will not have to become an academy until the funding agreement with the Department for Education is signed - something that will not be done until parents, pupils, staff and future parents and pupils have had chance to put forward their comments on the proposals.

A consultation meeting has already been scheduled for 27th September to give people the chance to find out more and comment on the plans, should the vote on Tuesday be approved.

Any comments made would be considered before the governing body signed the funding agreement, while legal advice on the conversion process would also be taken.

An information sheet on the effects of becoming an academy has been published by the school on its website.

Explaining how it could change the school, this states: “Brunts is an improved and improving school that enjoys positive relationships with and a good reputation in the local community.

“We want to continue to raise standards and do not intend to change except in ways which we think would benefit the school community.

“We believe that academy status would allow us to improve further the school environment, its resources and the quality of teaching and learning.

“For students, it is unlikely that they would see much, if any, change in their day to day school lives.”

Under the Academies Act 2010, all schools can apply to become academies, a move that essentially means that a school is independently run but funded by the state.

Becoming an academy means that a school receives its funding directly from central Government and therefore becomes responsible for matters such as insurance.

Academies also have more freedom over the curriculum taught and can set their own pay and conditions for staff.

People have until 30th September to make representations about Brunts becoming an academy.