Bilsthorpe pupils take trip back in time to Victorian era

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Children at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy took a trip back in time and immersed themselves in Victorian history for a special theme day.

In true Victorian style, the youngsters’ school day started with a hand inspection and listening to the National Anthem in assembly.

Pupils were taught all about the British Empire, chanted times tables, practised handwriting and recited poetry.

They studied the different roles in Victorian society and even had a go at using a dolly tub and mangle — all while being dressed in Victorian-style clothing.

Teacher Jenny Pavier said: “The day was a great success. We know that pupils retain a lot of knowledge being taught in a kinaesthetic way, and the memories formed in those lessons last longer.

“The Victorian history day brought the past to life for the pupils. They learned so much and all whilst they were having great fun.”

Children even had Victorian-style playtime with traditional games such as hopscotch and hoopla. 

Pyper Moore, ten, said she had really become interested in the Victorian era.

She said: “I have really enjoyed playing the different roles. I think it must have been a harder life back then, especially without electricity to help work machines to help with washing and other work.”

Kia Scott-Mitchell, ten, said: “The Victorian children had to work at a very young age and even when you look at the old photos you can see straight away who is poor and who is not.

“Some of the children didn’t wear any shoes.”

Kia said that she thinks the ‘hands-on’ history day has helped her and added: “I think it helps when you get to actually use old equipment and do old-fashioned things to help you to understand it better.

“Last year we did a World War Two day and we really enjoyed that too.”