A new approach to pupil attendance

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Asquith Primary School has received a grant to reward families whose children’s attendance is good with an end of year trip.

The school hopes to use the £1,000 grant from Mansfield Education Foundation to offer a positive family incentive for improving children’s attendance.

Corinna Brown, extended services coordinator for Mansfield schools, said: “By rewarding the family members who have helped children to achieve good attendance, school believes long lasting changes will be made.

“Children will develop life skills that will help them in their future education and careers.”

Asquith headteacher Clare Harding said: “The grant from the Mansfield Education Foundation will allow us to take families whose attendance is great on a trip at the end of the year.

“We are overjoyed at being given this grant and cannot thank the Trustees enough for this opportunity to try something a little different.”