East Midlands consumers bin 15% of their weekly food shop

A new study of more than 3,000 people by www.sellmymobile.com, has revealed the most common ways that Britons are willingly wasteful, with those in the East Midlands most likely to allow food to go off before eating, and cook meals that you know are going to be too big.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 21st February 2019, 3:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 3:08 pm

The average weekly food shop for those residing in the East Midlands was found to be £61.40, but 15 per cent (£9.21) of that food ends up in the bin each week; over £475 in a year. In addition, those in the East Midlands tended to be minimally wasteful when ordering takeaways, throwing away less than a quarter of each order that they make.

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Food waste