Earth moves for Mansfield, Hucknall and Ashfield residents as ‘earthquake’ shakes the area


An earth tremor has been felt across parts of Mansfield and Ashfield tonight (Tuesday)

The British Geological Survey has confirmed that a ‘quake’ with a magnitude of 2.6 on the Richter scale was felt in Mansfield at around 7.17pm.

Other reports suggest the epicentre was in the Hucknall area.

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News of the earth moving first emerged on social media shortly after the tremor was felt.

On our own Facebook page, folk were reporting the ‘quake’ in many parts of the area particularly in Ashfield and Hucknall

Kerrie Lancaster wrote ‘In Kirkby whole house shook, made me jump as well. Lol’, while Scott Mosley posted ‘Top of kirkby diamond av two massive thumps, like the hulk jumping about was crazy’.

Elsewhere in Kirkby, Beth Marks said: “Glenside kirkby was massive honestly thought a bus had crashed into someone house!” and Katie Owen posted ‘Felt it in kirkby, our bungalow shook and sounded like something was gonna come through the roof’.

The tremor was also felt by Sonia Lowe, who said: “Felt it in Mansfield, everything shook, was a tad scary!”

Claire Buckley also posted on Facebook: “annesley woodhouse completely shook the house.”

And in Ravenshead Rachel Hall wrote ‘thought a lorry had crashed outside’.

In Hucknall, Jacky Nichols posted ‘Was looking to the skies as I thought it was a low flying helicopter here in Hucknall!!’