Duck strangling attack shocks shoppers at Mansfield Tesco

A PAIR of cruel yobs who tried to strangle this duck to death in a busy supermarket car park are being hunted by the RSPCA.

Horrified shoppers looked on as the thugs grabbed the female white mallard and attempted to wring its neck after the bird landed at Mansfield’s Chesterfield Road South Tesco store.

The force used by the men during the attack on 22nd July caused severe cuts to the side of the duck’s neck and was so deep that it split the skin and its muscle was visible.

Fortunately the duck survived the incident and after being rehomed with one of the veterinary nurses has been named Jemima Puddle Duck.

But RSPCA chiefs are determined to track down the men and want to speak to anyone who witnessed the attack.

Insp Ian Callingham said: “I am absolutely horrified by what has happened to this poor duck. This happened in a very busy car park on a Friday morning and we are hoping that whoever witnessed this attack will contact the RSPCA.

“I am amazed that she managed to survive this, and did not die of shock.”

Several witnesses to the cruelty ran into Tesco to alert security staff, and when they came out the two men ran off.

Police and the RSPCA attended the scene and the duck was taken to Newman Watters Veterinary Surgery in Newark. The skin tear was repaired by vet Jonathan Newman.

Jonathan said: “I have dealt with many RSPCA cruelty cases before, and this is one of the most extreme I have witnessed. The poor bird was in shock when she arrived and was covered in blood.”

Anyone with information should contact the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.