Drunken pranksters go ape with six-foot pink gorilla suit in Mansfield

Gloria the six-foot pink gorilla.
Gloria the six-foot pink gorilla.

Well known Gloria the gorilla - a pink furry gorilla costume - was stolen from her post outside Mansfield's Forever Young Fancy Dress by "drunk men".

Gloria who is often greeted with a hello by passers by, used to offer customers a 10per cent discount if they took a selfie with her.

However after the incident only her torso has been recovered.

Paul Haywood owner of the shop on Toothhill Lane has said she was taken by "silly drunken men on a day out."

He has also said the family of the men who took Gloria have come into the shop, apologised and gave him £500 to replace the broken mannequin which was dressed as the gorilla and to buy another Gloria.

The 37-year-old from Mansfield Woodhouse said: "With her not outside the shop it doesn't look right.

"I am not upset by the theft now, they have done right by me by paying for the damages so I don't have to go through my insurance.

"It was just a silly drunken day out they weren't aggressive, and we have all done silly things when we are drunk.

"I'm sure they felt a bit daft the morning after.

"Hopefully I will be able to find a new Gloria online to replace her."

Gloria was taken on Wednesday, August 8, from the shop at around 5pm and the shop owner said three men were seen running down the street before getting into a car.

When Paul was told she was missing by a member of his staff working in the shop at the time he appealed to people on Facebook to see if they could find her and the men.

The men who are not believed to be from the area were later spotted by Paul's customers wearing the gorilla suit in The Rufford Arms on Chesterfield Road South.

He said: "I am forever grateful to my customer, not just for their custom, but that they have got my back.

"They told me when they saw the men in the pub so I could call the police."

The only section of Gloria that has been recovered is her torso - which means her feet. hands and head are somewhere in Mansfield between the shop and the pub.

If you find a part of Gloria please get in touch on 01623 450 283

A spokeswoman from Nottinghamshire Police said: "Three men, aged 30, 30 and 33, were arrested in connection with the incident. They have been released with no further action."