Drunk Bolsover man jailed for head-butt attacks

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A DRUNKEN Bolsover man who head-butted a pub landlord and a police officer in separate incidents is behind bars.

Gerald Cutts, licensee of the Quiet Woman in Bolsover for 11 months before the attack, said Gregory Gibbons had been “a lot of trouble since day one”.

He had picked fights while drunk and Mr Cutts had barred him from the pub, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, said Gibbons (27) entered the bar at 6.20pm on 26th February and was abusive to Mr Cutts and customers.

He pushed into the landlord who took hold of him and they fell to the floor before Gibbons head-butted him. Gibbons was arrested and claimed Mr Cutts was the aggresso

Mrs Griffiths said Gibbons was ejected from the Cavendish pub in Market Place, Bolsover, after midnight last Sunday (29th April), after items were thrown around inside the pub.

He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and he lunged forward and head-butted Pc John Egerton on the forehead before other officers helped to restrain him on the ground.

He was searched in a police custody suite and a lock-knife was found in his jacket pocket.

Gibbons, a father-of-two, of Villas Road, Bolsover, appeared in court in custody and admitted both assaults together with charges of drunk and disorderly behaviour and possessing a blade in public.

He was locked up for a total of 20 weeks. The bench also excluded him from entering the Quiet Woman pub for a year and ordered that the knife be forfeited.

His solicitor, Bob Sowter, said the landlord was struck as Gibbons was struggling with him and flailing about. It was “not a head-butt in the traditional sense” and injuries were minor.

The second assault took place after Gibbons resumed drinking after being released from prison and it resulted in bruising and grazes.

“In December he found out that his partner had shacked up with his best friend and he was distraught.

“He had lost his long-term relationship and his best friend and he used alcohol to cope,” added Mr Sowter.