Drugs recovery unit for Mansfield Woodhouse

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Plans are in the pipeline to open a drug and alcohol recovery unit at Brunts Business Centre in Mansfield.

Nootinhamshire Health Trust (NHT) has submitted an application to Mansfield District Council’s planning department to utilise one of their existingoffice areas at the Samuel Brunts Way centre to provide clinic and therapy sessions as part of the Nottinghamshire Recovery Partnership.

Under the proposals, they would provide advice, councelling, group work and training on a section of the first floor of the building.

A report into services oprovided by the NHT reads: “We provide an expert resource for people with alcohol and or drug related problems.

“Substance misuse does not just impact on mental health services – in reality alcohol and drug problems impact on all areas of the NHS and wider health, social care and criminal justice settings.”

The planning application is expected to go before the planning department in the coming months.