Drug addict is jailed over possession

A Mansfield man has been jailed for six months after admitting being caught in possession of amphetamine while subject to a suspended sentence.

A small quantity of the drug was discovered when Robert Edmunds (30), of Princes Street, was searched by a doorman at a Mansfield nightspot.

Sarah Neale, defending, told Mansfield Magistrates’ court how Edmunds had been a long-standing amphetamine user.

She added: “He had taken amphetamine and the door staff noticed that his behaviour was somewhat bizarre.

“The amphetamine was just for his own personal use.”

Ms Neale said Edmunds had other court appearances for acquisitive crime to support his use of the drug.

He had been given a suspended sentence of eight months for a string of offences in April and, though he was still using the drug, he had been attending all of his probation appointments.

She added: “His drug use is currently quite periodic but he is trying to stay clear of it.

“His partner is also a user and it is not always the best set of circumstances when one is in a position to deal with it and the other is not.”

Edmunds was told the sentence was being activated because he had committed the latest offence while under a suspended term.

The magistrates also order the destruction of the amphetamine.