Drop-in sessions to discuss fish cruelty

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PEOPLE who have witnessed negligent fishermen and instances of animal cruelty at ponds are invited to a drop in session to discuss the problem.

As reported in Chad there have been a number concerns about the welfare of wildlife at some of the Mansfield’s ponds due to some people failing to clear away fishing debris.

Martyn Thurman, head of neighbourhood services at Mansfield District Council, will be joined by Councillor Phillip Shields, portfolio holder for the environment, at Titchfield Park Pavilion on June 6th between 6pm and 8pm.

The council’s neighbourhood wardens have increased patrols in the areas in a bid to stop people from illegally fishing and the council is intending to work with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to find a long-term solution to the problem in the district.

The council is also looking to give powers to members of park groups, which will enable them to carry out the role of a bailiff. Fishing is permitted in ponds at The Carrs, Warsop and the Mill Dam off Quarry Lane, Mansfield but fishing is not allowed at The Hermitage pond.

Coun Shields said: “We know that a vast majority of anglers are responsible and take care to clear away their fishing tackle. We are however very concerned about the reports that some are acting carelessly and therefore endangering the lives of the wildlife that make our parks and ponds their homes. We would like to invite people to come along to meet with us and discuss their concerns, so we can investigate the issues and consider what further action we can take to eradicate the problem.”