Drivers to get ten minute grace period in council car parks

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Drivers will now get a ten minute grace period in council-owned car parks before getting fined.

The Government announced the change which will give motorists leeway to avoid the dreaded yellow fine - which will take effect later this month.

What the changes include: - Guidance for councils reminding them they are banned from “using parking to generate profit” - A right for residents and businesses to demand - by a petition - that a council “reviews parking in their area” - New powers for parking adjudicators so they can “hold councils to account” - Protection to stop drivers being fined after parking at out-of-order meters - A ban on the use of CCTV “spy cars” except in no-parking areas such as bus lanes and near schools

Restrictions on the use of CCTV cars issuing automatic fines will also be enforced.

According to figures from the RAC Foundation, councils in England made a combined surplus of £667 million from their on and off-street parking operations in 2013-14.

By law, any surplus councils make from parking fees must be ploughed back into transport projects such as road improvements.