Driver trying to reunite dead cat in Mansfield with owner


After watching another driver hit a cat one man hopes the pet owner can find their missing moggy and give it the send off it deserves.

Carl Hook, was driving along Debdale Road on Monday, January 11 when a driver two cars in front ran over a brindle and white cat.

He said: “No one stopped, no one did anything the traffic slowed but no one got out which is just so wrong.”
The 26-year-old said he got out his car, put on gloves and moved the cat to under a bush on the pavement, just after the Sherwood Rise turning.

“It was clearly someone’s pet. I have a dog and would want someone to treat my dog with some dignity if this had happened rather than just ignore a dying animal in the middle of the road.”
Carl said he was disappointed in the driver and now wants the message to get out so the owner can be reunited with their missing pet.