Driver had child on lap

A MOTORIST drove around with a child on his lap after drinking almost two and a half times the legal alcohol limit, Chesterfield magistrates were told on Thursday.

Police spotted him in Leen Valley Drive, Shirebrook, on 23rd June. He failed a roadside breath test and was arrested.

Roman Adamczyk (38), a warehouse worker, of Lupin Close, Shirebrook, admitted drink-driving and travelling with a passenger aged under 14 not wearing a seatbelt.

He was ordered to do 120 hours’ unpaid work and banned from driving for 18 months, with £85 costs.

His solicitor, Bob Bashforth, said he drank beer with a friend and then waited a while before driving, thinking he would be below the limit.

“He originates from Poland and he had not realised it was an offence in this country to drive with a child on your lap,” said Mr Bashforth. “He had been out the previous night and got extremely drunk and he may have topped up the alcohol in his system.”

The disqualification will be cut by four months if a drink-driving rehabilitation course is completed.