Driver escapes injury after kids hurl bricks from bridge

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A motorist narrowly avoided serious injury after youths hurled a brick from a railway bridge at his car.

The three boys, who are described as being aged between 11 and 13, were seen on top of the bridge which crosses Oakfield Lane in Warsop.

The vehicle was about to pass under the bridge when the masonry was thrown, damaging the rear window of the vehicle.

The driver was left shaken and Mansfield’s leading officer, district commander Inspector Nick Butler, is adamant that those responsible need to be caught.

“This was an extremely dangerous incident that could have resulted in serious injury,” he said.

“The window was damaged but didn’t smash because they are designed to take an impact, but it’s not just the damage to the windscreen, a person could lose control and the consequences are unthinkable.”

The call was made to the police by the shaken motorist shortly before 4pm on Saturday, September 17, by which time the boys had fled along the railway tracks.

Officers were deployed but were unable to trace them.

One boy was wearing a grey top and another wearing a red top.

“Somebody will have said something or somebody will know who they are,” added Insp Butler.

“We need to find who these youths were and we’re calling on anyone who may know them or have information to come forward and tell us.

“The driver was extremely shaken and annoyed, this could have been a lot worse.

“We’ve not had any other reports of this sort of ting, but that’s not the point.

“If they are prepared to do this then we need to take this extremely seriously.”

Meanwhile, Warsop parish councillor, Stuart Moody was shocked after hearing about the incident.

He told the Chad: “This is obviously a very serious incident that I am sure will be condemned by Warsop residents.

“Fortunately nobody was hurt but that does not negate what could have happened.

“Let us hope that those responsible will by now have realised that their moment of ‘fun’ and ‘tomfoolery’ will not be tolerated and that they will consider the consequences that could have befallen to themselves as well as those they could have hurt.”