Driver crashes...after ‘throwing cigarette out of the window’

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A car crashed head on into an oncoming vehicle on a residential street this week, after a motorist allegedly lost control when she tried to throw a cigarette out of her window.

The accident between the Peugeot 107 and the Citroen C3 happened on Mansfield Road in Skegby at around 8.30am on Monday morning.

One nearby resident was told by a police officer at the scene that it was thought the driver had tried to throw the cigarette out of her window, but it had blown back into the car.

As she fumbled around for the lit cigarette she collided with the vehicle.

She was uninjured in the crash but the driver of the opposite car was taken to hospital.

Police fire and the ambulance service were all in attendance, and the road was closed for an hour as debris was cleared away.