Drinkers in Mansfield being left '˜stranded' after nights out

Drinkers are being left in the town centre of an evening.Drinkers are being left in the town centre of an evening.
Drinkers are being left in the town centre of an evening.
Drinkers are being left stranded in Mansfield of an evening because they are getting too drunk and failing to plan how to get home.

Following what officers called a ‘night of action’ in which they focused on reports that a number of females were unable to get taxis or a buses late at night, they found it affected both men and women.

Mansfield’s Inspector Nick Butler said: “It was about females who had left themselves vulnerable by getting extremely drunk, but this is relevant to men and women.

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“It’s about people having far too much to drink and not being able to make rational decisions, that’s the big factor.

“People need to plan how they are going to get home before they go out.

“In the heat of the moment and when out friends people can overindulge.

“If you drink a soft drink between alcoholic drinks it makes a tremendous difference of over the course of an evening.

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“We have got some great premises in Mansfield and we want people to enjoy them but we want them to be safe.”

While taxis may be difficult to flag down, drinkers are being reminded that the night buses are still running through Mansfield town centre.

The Trent Barton services run to Sutton, Kirkby, Warsop and Shirebrook.

All the buses leave from Leeming Street between midnight and 3am.

Buses to Nottingham also run at 12.45am and 2.15am.

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Mansfield sergeant, Neil Priestley, said: “Some people are not aware that these buses are there, and if they are not used, there’s a chance the services could be pulled.”

Meanwhile, Mansfield Street Pastors regularly deploy a number of volunteers on weekend evenings to help those who may have had too much to drink.

Working with the support of the police and Mansfield District Council, they offer advice, a friendly ear for those in an emotional state and bottles of water.

They even offer flip-flops to women who are unsteady on their high-heel shoes.

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Insp Butler said: “Women can often be seen walking around without their shoes on late at night, which is dangerous because there can be broken glass lying around.

“The street pastors do a fantastic job helping out.”