Drink-driving bricklayer banned after helping friend start his van

A man being breathalysed. Picture posed by a model
A man being breathalysed. Picture posed by a model

A bricklayer who helped his friend jump start his van was banned from driving for 12 months after he was found to be over the drink-drive limit.

Dean Shepherdson, 36, of Hibbert Crescent, Sutton, was stopped by police and breathalysed on his own street.

He was found to have a reading of 45 mcgs of alcohol in 100 mls of breath. The legal limit is 35 mcgs.

Admitting the charge at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, mitigating, Tim Haynes said Shepherdson had been helping his friend start his Astra van.

He then drove it a short distance to help charge the battery once it had started. He was then spotted by officers.

Mr Haynes said: “His friend is feeling bad about the whole situation. Mr Shepherdson found himself slightly over the limit which has long-standing consequences.

“He has shown remorse and is repentant but what happened it wholly out of character.

He has never been in trouble before but he takes the matter very seriously.”

On top of the ban, he was fined £300 and made to pay £115 in costs.