Donation made to Amazon Breast Cancer Support Group

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The landlord and landlady of a Sutton pub have donated a whopping £3,300 to a breast cancer charity after organising a series of fundraisers.

Steve and Lynn Bailey, who run the Traveller’s Rest on Huthwaite Road, organised a host of events to raise funds for the Amazon Breast Cancer Support Group with help from their daughter Sarah and other members of the community.

Some of the events organised included a book, clothing and hand-made bird-box sales.

Lynn, who has been a member of the Amazons group based at King’s Mill, said: “It started about four years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My daughter worked for Avon and she did some fundraising - they had a raffle.”

Lynn then decided to sell her old books and from that, other people got involved in the fundraising effort. One friend created hand-made bird boxes while another sold t-shirts at the pub.

All the money donated to the group will be spent breast cancer patients at King’s Mill Hospital.

Lynn also said that group had supported her throughout her illness.

“I used to go along to the meetings and I met some lovely people,” she said.

“They (the Amazons) do things for the local hospital and I would prefer to do it locally.

“Everybody who brought in books would ask if it was going to King’s Mill.”