Don’t politicise the NHS

We have read over recent weeks the Labour MP for our area and her political activists stirring up fear in local people towards our local health economy. I am of the conclusion that this is all smoke and mirrors and actually has very little to do with concern over how health services affect local people, but has a lot of concern with political career gain for politicians

There are a few facts that they fail to give. It is true that the Labour MP was invited to the AGM at King’s Mill Hospital last month in which the past year of the hospital was discussed, as well as setting the vision for the next 12 months and the opportunity to ask questions. The Labour MP declined to attend but said she would send a member of her staff, ; he also failed to attend, as did any representative from the the Labour Party.

It is also true that over the last year the Labour Councillors, Ashfield’s Cllr David Kirkham and Mansfield’s Cllr David Henshaw have only attended only 2 out of 10 Governors meetings (they have not attended 80% of meetings) between them. At these meetings the business of the hospital is discussed, scrutinised and considered for the benefit of patients. So the question is to honestly ask do Labour really care for the residents of Ashfield and Mansfield, the NHS or the local health economy or are they using it for their own political and career gain? I think it is the latter.

If you do have any questions or concerns, or would like to give some feedback, about any aspect of the hospital, your visit or the facilities, then do not hesitate to contact one of your public governors who are there to represent you.

Craig Day,

Ashfield Public Governor,

Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust.