Don’t forget submariners

Our thoughts at this time of year go out to serving personnel in the armed forces. In particular, the emphasis has been on serving soldiers and veterans of the Afghanistan and other conflicts that are taking place.

I would just like to bring to your thoughts a service that is often not talked about due to the secrecy of its operations, the submarine service. My son has been in the Navy for over 22 years and for the majority of this time as a submariner. I am never quite sure where he is, how long he is going to be away or when he is due back.

He is often away for months at a time and not contactable. It takes a special type of person to be able to cope with these types of conditions and the family also have to come to terms with the not knowing. My grandchildren know their daddy is ‘going to work’ but do not know when with any certainty they will see him again. The submariners serve all around the world helping to keep the fleet and us all safe, so let us give them a special thought and wish them all a safe Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sally Higgins.

(Address supplied).