Don’t blame the security guard

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l really can’t believe the article I have just read in Chad (Page 1, 29th Aug). Richard McCready complains about a security guard not keeping an eye on his children! I suspect Mr McCready that this is because it is not his job.

Those of us who work for a living cannot take our children to work, so why should you be able to take your children to a Job Centre appointment? If you can’t get alternative childcare then don’t sign on and save the taxpayer some money.

If you expect to be paid for being out of work, then either arrange for someone to watch the children or pay for childcare like the rest of us have to. You use the excuse of it being the summer holidays, yet three of your children are under school age?

Absolutely no-one should be disciplined over a parent’s lack of supervision of their children - next you will be expecting the bin man to come inside and empty your kitchen bin for you. Ridiculous!


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