Dogwalker savaged by three Alsatians at Teversal Trail

Teversal Trail
Teversal Trail

A dogwalker and his nine month-old Springer Spaniel have been viciously attacked by three Alsatians while out walking on the Teversal trail.

His daughter, who prefered not to be named, posted on Facebook that her father was hospitalised and left with stitches in his hand after trying to protect his pet from the three attacking dogs.

She said her father had been sat on a bench with his nine month-old dog, Nell, when he noticed a man in his 70s walking very slowly towards them with four Alsatians, but with only one on a lead.

She added: “The three loose Alsatians instantly turned aggressive towards my dad’s springer and started to attack but she ran and got pinned down by the bigger dogs.

“My dad managed to get the dogs off and covered her to protect her then got savaged.

“Irresponsible dog owners should not be allowed to walk dogs that are dangerous, let alone off their leads. Three dogs against one man, and the dog owner literally just stood watching.

“My dad has got stitches in both hands after spending three hours in Accident and Emergency - he has to be on antibiotics for a week just in case. And this man walks home and gets away with it.”

The woman’s Facebook post, which also features gruesome pictures of her father’s bloodied hands and his dog with blood on her fur, has attracted more than 5,000 comments from other Facebook users, many offering messages of support.

Annabelle Brooks said: “Hope your dad is Ok and gets over the shock of what has happened to him and his mate. I hope this man is caught - no way should he have four dogs and not be in control of them.”

Mary Wilson said: “Even if the dogs were on a leash, would anybody be able to control four Alsatians if they don’t want to be controlled? Your dad’s one brave man.”

The dog-owner’s daughter said various people had come forward to try and identify the owner of the attacking Alsatians but, as yet, his identity was unknown.

She added: “My dad’s dog, Nell, is fine. She came out very shaken and she has been barking at every little noise today - most likely very nervous and certainly affected by the incident. My dad took the full brunt of the attack.”

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “We were called out at 8.20pm on May 16 to reports of a man’s attack by dogs at the Teversal trail.

“If you have any information related to the incident please phone us on 101, quoting reference 832 of May 16.”