Dog owners told to clean up act

.Sherwood Hall dog fouling sign
.Sherwood Hall dog fouling sign
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A MANSFIELD mum fed up with dog mess on her garden has put up signs forcing owners to clean up after their pets.

Laura Harley (30) decided to act after discovering the mess had piled up when she returned to her Sherwood Hall Road home from a holiday.

The mother-of-one said the problem had worsened recently and hoped the signs would help to flush out the problem.

Said Laura: “It is disgusting. I do not have a dog but I would just pick it up.

“People would not appreciate having to walk dog muck into their houses.

“My son has trodden it into the house and my fiance has stood in it and got it on the pedals in his car.”

Laura said there had been no more mess since the signs went up last week - but believed Mansfield District Council should be doing more to tackle the problem.

She added: “They are obviously taking no notice of the (council) signs on the lamp posts. If they had time and money the council could do a regular inspection and clean it up.

“They have people picking up litter, why can’t they have them picking up dog muck?”

The council is currently awaiting the end of a consultation and review which could see it adopt legislation to hit irresponsible dog owners further in the pocket and even haul them before the courts.

It has also put up warning signs and gives out more than half a million free poop scoop bags annually to dog owners.

Mark Berrill, the council’s dog control officer, said: “If dog fouling is occurring on private land, the council cannot prevent residents from putting up signs and posters on their private property but would urge them to contact our enforcement team directly rather than taking matters into their own hands.”

l To report stray dogs or dog fouling, contact the council’s dog control team on Mansfield 463189 or at